“In an Unspoken Voice” by Peter A. Levine, PhD

Subtitle: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness

This book is billed as a “culmination of his life’s work” on the back cover. It recapitulates material from Peter Levine’s earlier book “Waking the Tiger” about trauma and the nervous system, and uses many of the same case studies covered in the Somatic Experiencing […]

“The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine” by Linnie Thomas

Recommended to me by: Rosalind Bell

Linnie Thomas, from Tualatin, OR, has researched and described 65 different energy medicine modalities. She was inspired by her own difficulty in finding and choosing an energy medicine class. She is now a Healing Touch practitioner. About the author.

Like most encyclopedias, this book is not meant to be […]

“The Tao of Equus” by Linda Kohanov

Subtitle: A Woman’s Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse

Recommended to me by: A client.

Linda Kohanov and her herd of sensitive horses offer equine facilitated psychotherapy. Together they help both horses and humans recover from trauma, regain their balance, and treat each other with more respect.

This many-layered […]

“Explain Pain” by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley

Recommended to me by: Kim Hillis, PT

If this book didn’t cost $70, I would be telling every client and practitioner to buy one right now. Both scientific and playful, it offers the latest research about understanding and healing chronic pain.

The sensation of pain is the brain’s response to perceived threat. Until it […]

“We Are All in Shock” by Stephanie Mines, Ph.D.

Subtitle: How Overwhelming Experience Shatter You… And What You Can Do About It

Recommended to me by: Larisa Koehn

In this book, Stephanie Mines introduces and advocates for her approach to healing named Jin Shin Tara. It is derived from Jin Shin Jyutso, a gentle form of acupressure.

She defines shock as severe trauma, […]

“Relax your Neck, Liberate your Shoulders” by Eric Franklin

Recommended to me by: a friend who spends a lot of time at the computer.

The book begins, “[M]y head was balancing on a completely loose neck. It actually felt as if it was free of gravity and it was a pleasure to turn my head since my neck felt so supple, my shoulders […]