“EPUB Straight to the Point” by Elizabeth Castro

Subtitle: Creating ebooks for the Apple iPad and other ereaders

Recommended to me by: Finding it at the library

Creating an epub ebook from an InDesign print book file involves a whole lot of hidden settings and mysterious outcomes. I read a lot of blog posts, and this book was also helpful in getting […]

“The Non-Designer’s InDesign Book” by Robin Williams

Subtitle: Essential design techniques for print projects

Recommended to me by: Finding it at the library

I’m formatting my book with Adobe InDesign. While it does work to do a web search to find out how to do things like add more pages to the book, or move a title farther down the page, […]

The Recompiler, issue 1, edited by Audrey Eschright

Like many experienced women in tech, Audrey had enough of her latest job, and doubted that a better environment was available. So she quit and started a feminist hacker magazine!

Our goal is to help people learn about technology in a fun, playful way, and highlight a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We’re especially […]

“The Rails View” by John Athayde and Bruce Williams

Subtitle: Create a Beautiful and Maintainable User Experience

Recommended to me by: Working with the authors

It took me two years to get around to reading this book, but fortunately (?) my project is on a version of Rails that’s three years old, so it’s a perfect time to read it.

This book […]

“Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby” by Sandi Metz

Subtitle: An Agile Primer

Recommended to me by: Sam Livingston-Gray

While there was a lot of useful information in this book, I kept tripping over basic information presented in what struck me as condescending ways. It is possible to write for novices without assuming they are stupid.

I liked the extended example of planning […]

“Eloquent Ruby” by Russ Olsen

Recommended to me by: Sam Livingston-Gray

This book conveys tips, tricks, and cautions in a conversational style without talking down to the reader. Several topics became immediately useful when I recognized them in the code at work the next day.

Some of Ruby’s oddities, I mean special features, are:

No static type-checking. Pass any […]

“Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests” by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce

Recommended to me by: Sam Livingston-Gray

This book is written in a more formal, technical style than Test-Driven Design by Example. I’m glad I read the latter book first.

The main new idea I learned from this book is to set up a testable skeleton of a new application at the beginning. This involves […]

“Test-Driven Development By Example” by Kent Beck

Recommended to me by: Sam Livingston-Gray

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a tool to manage the complexity and difficulty of writing software. It offers an alternative to the “waterfall” approach: design specification, functional specification, implementation, testing, release. In theory each step is finished before going on to the next. The problem is that there is […]