“Attracting Perfect Customers – The Power of Strategic Synchronicity” by Stacey Hall & Jan Brogniez

The guiding metaphor of this book is a lighthouse, which is most effective when it is standing firm in one place shining a light for ships at sea, but would wreck navigational havoc if it were running up and down the beach looking for ships.

In the same way, Hall and Brogniez propose that businesses are most effective when they stand firm and offer what they do best, rather than frantically trying to discover and adapt to what the market wants. Energy is put into defining and seeking a good match, and realigning or releasing bad matches.

When I define the perfect customer for my business as someone who already appreciates what I do best, it frees me to be more authentic in my marketing, and to focus on my strengths. It’s a much more relaxing way to run a business.

There are many exercises in the book to support this new way of thinking. I liked their suggestion to view improving but suboptimal results as a “preview of coming attractions.” Instead of focusing on what didn’t work, focus on what did work, and trust that the situation will continue to improve.

In a similar spirit, I appreciated the useful advice in this book, and skimmed over the client stories of instant results. I believe in synchronicity, especially after taking the time to specify what is needed, but in my experience the Universe’s response can sometimes be slow or mysterious. Expecting instant results does not contribute to my peace of mind.

Available at Powell’s Books.

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